At Spraoi, we believe in and understand the importance of play. Play is a way in which a child can acquire social, intellectual, creative and physical developmental skills. Through play children can practice skills and come to understand the world around them.

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Learn + Play

Play is a non-threatening way for children to cope with new learning and still retain self-esteem and self-image.

To fully learn through play, the activities we devise are age and developmentally appropriate.

Our preschool groups commence in September of each year and run for 38 weeks. The majority of these preschool places are funded by the Dept of Children’s ECCE scheme.

First Steps

For many parents this will be the first time your child has left you for formal education and here at Spraoi we pride ourselves on caring and nurturing your child’s independence so they can begin their journey of a successful education.

Some children already in our care might graduate to the preschool class and this represents another exciting step in their development and independence.


To register for our preschool class please fill out the form below. A member of our team will then contact you to complete the registration and organise a pre-school induction session. The induction will give you and your child/ren the opportunity to meet the childcare educators who will work with your child during the year.

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